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About Khagrachari In Bangladesh

Khagrachari District is located in the north – eastern part of the Chittagong Division . It takes about 2 hours to go by bus to Chittagong but the distances to Khagrachhari quickly forgotten once the tourists start to this beautiful hill town which is surrounded by woods, green plants and beautiful views to explore .

Khagrachhari city is often described as the only place in Bangladesh , where you can see beautiful scenery and unforgettable nature . The true beauty of the country It has a pleasant and temperate environment Chengi Manmi river and flow with life and add to the splendor of Khagrachhari . In fact, the city only know how to be grateful for nature and revive tired souls , because it is away from the bustling cities and rejects modernization and hurried lifestyle of today’s world .One of the many attractions in Khagrachhari is Alutilla .

This huge cave hidden among mysterious forests is a beautiful sight to see . Torches, available at the top of the hill , allowing visitors to see the current flowing through the natural cave . Hill also offers visitors a beautiful view over Khagrachhari .The motel Parzatan a good place to stay in Khagrachari , now you also find a number of other hotels appealing. The famous reataurent khanmoy ready to serve with famous Tribal courts simply will keep.

The lighthouse, the Buddhist temple and the Watchtower also worth exploring. Other notable attractions are Deeghi of the (former) King of Tripura, Guimara Forest, MoghChief Rajbari, Ramgarh Tea Garden, Sharthok Ejamno memorial and Matai Pukhiri Lake.If Khagrachhari in April, visitors can participate in the New Year festival, known as BijuFestival, which is accompanied by cultural ceremonies, dancing, music, singing and sports. The most likely will visit this place is that the ability to do. Traditions, culture and lifestyle of the locals They are often described as exotic. And with picturesque surroundings, tranquility and natural beauty, it is easy to believe that there is a conventional sweptBangladesh and transported to a world of euphoria.

Khagrachhari is the natural wild beauty of Bangladesh . Here you can visit the tribal lifestyle of Chakmas in Khagrachari . Visit Alu Tila hill. Approximately 100 meters long a very dark Cave is the mysterious beauty of Alu tila hill. Khagrachari District ( southeastern region of Bangladesh ) hill is full of hills and waterfalls . The inhabitants of the mountainous areas typically live on top of the hills . The biggest problem for them is the crisis of drinking water at that altitude . People in mountainous areas are private and have no civilian facilities such as sanitation , education and the economy . Sapchari waterfall in the Khagrachari Hill district and about 115 km north of the city of Chittagong .
The waterfall is near the village and Alutila sapchari Range Chengi hill came alongside the river . One can go to Khagrachari bus from Chittagong City . From the bus station Khagrachari by rickshaw or other means s / he can reach Khabangpujjya . Then lies the village river Chengi Sapchari . In the southern Cascade Village is Sapchari Sapchari . The landscape is very charismatic and full view of the city Khagrachari be seen from the top of the waterfall .
Khagrachari is one of the richest natural environment with hills , forests , falls , life of the people and the spectacular scenery of Bangladesh . if you’re a photographer who has many problems ,if you are a tourist who has so many places to visit . you can go Alotila ( Mysterious Cave ) , Risang falls dhiginala , marissa so many places to explore . Business tourism is largely unorganized in this country by the government and the private sector , if developed anywhere Khagrachari acclaim exorbitant Commendation tourists worldwide .
The biggest drawback is called Risang had last fall identified in 2008 , and many are waiting to identify.
This area is also safe for wild animals and can be seen at some point groups of wild elephants crossing the road while driving your car . Parjatan motel here is also one of the best motel in Bangladesh Parjatan . that a good environment can provide room , garden , small lake , enjoy. well healthy food near the river , It is very quiet and peaceful place where you stay longer.

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